Creed Wind Flowers finally arrived
- a new fragrance for summer 2022!

The most anticipated niche perfume delighted the audience across the region with its seductive notes!

Colorful and fresh. Sensual and enchanting. It is perfect for enjoying the freedom and the summer days ahead. It opens with sweet jasmine, wrapped around the zesty scent of Tunisian orange blossom and softened by a fresh and fruity peach note. The misty scent of iris and decadent creamy praline deepen the base, as well as the rising fragrant note of orange blossom that perfectly balances the dark floral depth. Simply - divine! Fans of niche perfumes say that this formulation is a real masterpiece with the signature of the famous perfume house The House of Creed.

"After London, Miami and Dubai, Belgrade is the fourth city where the latest creation of the house Creed was presented. Olivier Creed found the inspiration for his latest creation in romantic wildflower fields caressed by the wind. It reminds perfectly of the unique combination of grace and strength of the ballerina's movement through the wind. That's how he created this beautiful fragrance with magical tones ", said the DP Lux group, the exclusive distributor of the most famous niche perfumes in the region.

Numerous guests from the region and the country attended the glamorous promotion of Wind Flowers perfume, which was held in the restaurant "Salon 1905". Among the guests were Jelena Gavrilović, Biljana Tipsarević, Sergej Ćetković, Tamara Dragićević, Nina Janković, Petar Benčina, Dragana Kosjerina, Dragana Mićalović, Ena Luna… The promotion was enhanced by the presence of the media and guests from the region, as well as well-known influencers Sonja Kovač, Erna Saveljić, Sandra Mitrović, Ksenija Bulatović, Antonia Gigovska and many others.

The restaurant area was filled with warm floral and fruity fragrant notes of the latest masterpiece of the perfume house Creed. Through the ballet performance of prima ballerinas Tatjana Tatić and Nicole Bianco, the guests had the opportunity to experience the inspiration of the creators of the perfume authentically, and through the taste, just for this occasion, Krsto Radović, a famous confectioner, made a cake as a homage to the perfume that everyone enjoyed.

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