Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the renowned SWISS PERFECTION skincare brand at Belodore Perfumery in Sofia

We recently had an incredible opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the 25th anniversary of the renowned Swiss Perfection skincare brand at our Belodore Perfumery in Sofia, located in Paradise Mall.

During this special event, we were honored to welcome prominent influencers, media representatives, and friends of Belodore Perfumery. Together, we indulged in an enlightening workshop focused on the importance of proper skincare. Participants had the privilege to gain insights into the significance of skincare routines and actively engage in determining the essential steps.

To enhance the experience, attendees had the chance to personally test and experience the seven most sought-after products from the Swiss Perfection line. The enthusiasm and excitement were palpable as each guest discovered the remarkable benefits of these exceptional skincare solutions.

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